As we are approaching midterms, I am patiently waiting for this quarter to be over with. Winter quarter seriously sucks. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy to be back with my friends and I love learning, but it is a lot harder and my schedule sucks. Knowing in six more weeks and I will be sitting on a beach in Mexico drinking (don’t worry, it’s legal there) and getting some Vitamin D is what is getting me through the days.

This quarter I am taking 17 credits. But honestly, it feels like 25. My schedule is absolutely horrible. I start at 9, have a break until 2, and then get out at 4. It is torture. I mean it is nice because I can do laundry, wash dishes, and do my hair during the gap but I would much rather be done at 1 than 4pm. I have found myself a lot more tired this quarter and a little less motivated because of my long schedule. But I have yet to skip a class so I guess that says something! I absolutely hate my IT class that is one of the required classes to take prior to graduation. It is such a pain in the ass. I even had to pay Alex $20 to do my homework for it because it is so irritating. I will sit in the library for six hours just to cuss and scream at the computer because of the IT program. If I could do my work on my very expensive MacBook I don’t think I would be half as stressed nor frustrated with it. So far, y biology class is my favorite class. In high school, I absolutely hated biology with a burning and fiery passion but I love it now. I look forward to that class every day and love listening to our professor talk about everything.

Social life? Oh you know, just about the same. Very busy with my friends when I am not crying over my homework. Every day I am seriously so thankful for them. I think about how miserable it would be to be at a college and not have people while being away from your family. I was so lucky to make such great bonds with people so quickly. It feels like I have known half of these people my entire lives. I think the most eyeopening thing about college is that people you have only known for 5 months can make a bigger impact on you than people you have known in the past 5 years. I can’t imagine my life without them.

We have continued the fall quarter tradition of watching movies at ungodly hours of the night. So far my favorite has been the Fast and Furious series. I have never seen them before but boy, I am so glad I did. I am in love with Paul Walker now and am very sad he passed away. He was a hottie! I also passed along my puking tradition from fall quarter so hopefully that one goes away as we approach spring quarter and spring break 😉 just kidding.. well kinda. I have also watched many very emotional movies like My Sisters Keeper, Dear John, The Last Song and many other sad ones. We started Southpaw on Friday night (more like Saturday at 3am) but I will finish it hopefully within the next week. Grey’s Anatomy is back so I have to make sure I can squeeze it in since that show has been my life since I could remember.

So here is to the most tiring four weeks of my life and the crazy nonsense that will be occurring in Ellensburg. Thank you all for your love and support always. It’s nice knowing I have a fan club back home 🙂