As of Tuesday at 10:29pm, I finished my first quarter of college. These past 10 weeks have been the most enjoyable, hardest, and the best weeks I think I’ve ever had. People seriously aren’t kidding when they say college is the best. I was lucky enough to fall in love with my school right away and meet some pretty fantastic humans.

I was scared shitless going to college. Camas and Vancouver was¬†home. It’s where I had my first heartbreak, first kiss, and many other things. It had everything I knew and everything that I loved. I didn’t imagine somewhere else feeling at home nor did I think living in Ellensburg would feel like home as quickly as it did. Within days of moving to Ellensburg, I was insanely happy. I missed my family, my best friends, and my sweet Moonie but I knew that my college family was going to be just as a great.. Or maybe even a little better ūüôā My biggest fear moving here was that I was going to be lost, unprepared and that I had gotten myself into something and wasn’t going to be successful. That wasn’t the case at all. I definitely needed to have¬†more faith in myself. I did great.. well minus a few L’s I took. I fell in love with school. Not the social aspect, but the actual education piece. Weird, right? I began to learn about stuff that I was passionate about, things I hated, and things I didn’t even know. I also learned a lot about myself in the mean time.

I think my favorite part about college is being able to experience. Everything is still very new and still a learning process. In high school, I was super involved with ASB and pretty much being the Blair Waldorf of HeLa. Now, I am just a kid of 10,912. Just a number, really. I never did anything that could get me into too much trouble when I was in high school either. ¬†I made my parents lives ridiculously easy. I went to school, had an internship, and went home. Pretty basic. Now, I give them a lot of exciting stories since I have definitely got a little more comfortable with experiencing. I never partied in high school. I had occasionally drank but it was a rare occasion. Same with college for the most part. I went to my first college “party” a few weeks ago. I wasn’t enjoying myself so I came back to my friends dorm and hung out with them for a while. I didn’t really realize that I had not ate anything before I went out. I also didn’t realize how much I actually drank on an empty stomach.¬†Well long story short, I had a nice visit to the bathroom at 6am because I was puking my guts out. I could live my whole life without Smirnoff Sour Fruit Punch and Nutter Butters.¬†Advice: Eat before you go out. As much as it sucked puking, it makes me laugh because it was something I¬†definitely wouldn’t have done 6 months ago.

I think the worst part about college is you’re constantly having a “to-do” list. I swear everything is due at the same time and when one thing happens at least 300 other things happen shortly after. It can be super overwhelming. Having a planner seriously saved my life. I never have used a planner for my academic life but it seriously was so helpful. My cousin, Jordyn, knows probably better than anyone what a scatterbrain I am, so she was the one who pushed the planner the most. This next quarter I am taking 17 credits and this last quarter I was taking 15 so I know the planner will still be in great use. Another hard about college for me is realizing how much I depend on my parents for things. They seriously did everything for me when I was home. Now that they are 3.5 hours away, I have Googled many things and had to call home because I had no idea how to do something.

My absolute favorite part about college is being with my best friends every single day. I am not kidding you. You are¬†always¬†with your friends. If I am not with Alex, Javi, or PK, expect that I am in a ditch or something because I am with them 99% of the time. It feels like I have known Alex and Javi my entire life, even though it has only been 10 weeks. That’s it! I know them so well, it’s ridiculous! I even brought them home with me for a weekend to meet my family & friends- it was probably one of my favorite weekends of college. I have never been so tired and having so much fun at once. My parents call me sometimes and 99% of the time they ask where I am, I say “the boys.” We are always together. Except when they’re at the gym, because we all know I am too lazy to do that. I am so thankful for all three of them because they make me look forward to each day at school.

I encourage college like medical professionals encourage condoms. I am so glad that I decided to leave Camas & Vancouver and go experience. College is amazing. I said “see ya in a few weeks” to Alex and Javi the other day and I wanted to cry because this is going to be the longest we have been apart since we have met. I didn’t cry saying bye to P since he lives 10 minute from me. College becomes your home. I catch myself referring to CWU or Ellensburg as home instead of my actual home. Honestly, even if you don’t think you have the grades for college, try. Work harder and do things to make it happen because I don’t think you can regret college. This is the only time in your life where there are¬†no adults around. You’re constantly surrounded by people your age with dreams just as big as yours.

I am so excited to see what next quarter has to offer and what the rest of the year will be. Fall quarter has been such an experience and I am looking forward to the many mental breakdowns, 4 am movie nights, and everything in between for winter quarter. XOXO, Fall Q.