College is no joke. The workload is way different from high school. Your experience is completely different than what you are used to. Especially when it is time to take exams. College is great but boy it is hard. It’s a whole new ballgame.

This past weekend it was Homecoming Weekend. Central was celebrating 125 years of being my favorite place even though I have only been here for a month. We never do anything wild on the weekends, but since it was homecoming we decided to have a little bit of fun! Our HC game was against WOU and it was so wet. I have watched multiple football and baseball games and I have never walked away so wet. Uggs in the rain? Not a good idea. It doesn’t ever rain in Ellensburg so you could only imagine how annoyed I was with it. Not a fan.

Since moving, I haven’t really experienced homesickness still. I talk to my parents every single day still. Not crying or anything, but just telling them what shit I have to deal with sometimes. Most of the time I just call them to see my dog or my cute siblings that I miss dearly. There’s a lot that I still love and adore at home but I definitely feel like I am in a good spot academically, physically and mentally.  There was so many times before I moved that I questioned if I was making the right decision and I’m so glad that even though I was SO scared, I knew what would be the most beneficial.

Now it is midterms. Central is on the quarter system. So we’re on about week 5 of  school or something like that. Last week after procrastinating, I had to present a PowerPoint in my dance class. I seriously thought I was losing my mind because I have never been so stressed out about something before. I highly recommend, and I mean HIGHLY, doing your work ASAP so you don’t lay on the floor of your best friends’ room crying about how you’re a failure and how bad your presentation is going to suck. Since I had to work extra hard to make it perfect in such a short period of time, I ended up doing really well on it. Even though I did great, I would never do that to myself again. It was awful. Today, I have to take a Psychology 101 exam and  I am totally freaking out because even though I go to class, I still feel like I am having a hard time remembering everything when I have to answer 50 ridiculously hard questions in 40 short minutes. If any of my HeLa kids are reading: Appreciate being able to take your tests multiple times until you get an A. It isn’t like that in college. If your professor is nice, they’ll drop your lowest test score but that is as much help as they’re giving you.

Since I intend to have my degree in Clinical Physiology, I have to bust my ass to graduate on time. Yesterday, I met with my Pre-Health Professorial  advisor and talked about the next steps for next quarter. Currently I am taking 15 credits (which is 15 hours of classroom time per week) and to graduate on time, I need to be taking 17-18 credits per quarter with even a couple of summer courses at Clark when I come home. Super stressful already, but I am so excited to able to start working in the medical field and get my hands dirty by helping people and making sure they are living happy, healthy lives.

I am so happy that I moved away and go to college. Every day I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to be here because I really couldn’t be happier. I love my life here and I love that I am learning things that will get me to where I need to be even when it is hard.