I have been meaning to write this for weeks. I have received multiple texts about not writing but I have been so busy with my “new” life that I feel like there isn’t time for much. So, here is a little update on what has been going on:

I have met so many great people since I have moved away from home three weeks ago. Welcome Weekend puts you in situations where you meet a lot of people, especially in your dorm. I also was very fortunate to know people who were coming to CWU with me as well so I have spent time with them. I have met some of my very best friends outside of my cute little dorm room. Your friends seriously become your family because they are your school support system. They’re the ones to tell you goodnight, they’re the ones you eat your meals with and they’re there when you have a bad day. Having all of my friends with me constantly is a good distraction from missing home. I didn’t have a boyfriend or anything like that holding me back at home, but I did have a kick-ass family that I did leave. I miss them everyday, including my sweet little Moonie, but I am so thankful for FaceTime to see their faces whenever I need a pinch of home.

It is a known saying that you don’t stay friends with the people you went to High School with. It’s the truth. But lets be honest, you didn’t like half the people you went to school with anyway. I have kept in touch with my best friends but our relationships are different. When something happens to one of my friends, I can’t be there in 15 minutes anymore to comfort them. I am 3-6 hours from being able to comfort them. Our relationships aren’t consisting of the latest high school gossip or our exes. It is about the hot guy we hooked up with, the test we failed, or how shitty of day it has been and how you just want to go home. Not having my best friends here with me everyday can be really hard and degrading when you’re not having the best day but I think it makes me appreciate them that much more.

I think my favorite part about college is that I start school and 10am and I am done by 1pm at the latest. I go to school for three hours. That’s it. It is absolutely amazing. I do my homework, eat, pick up my room then get to go see my cute best friends. I also love that I am taking classes that are allowing me to achieve my goals that much sooner. I am taking a class right now that I absolutely hate, but at least I know that my heart still is craving science and that the arts just aren’t meant for me. College workload is way different than high school. I was a lazy high school student and just did the bare minimum to pass the test but in college you can’t be doing that. College is hard. It is like taking all AP classes but not having your teachers telling you when something is due or that you have a test in a couple days. Your professors are still getting paid whether you are in class or not, they don’t care if you do the work or not but most importantly they don’t care if you mess up. It is your responsibility to go to office hours or contact them to get the help that you need.

College, at least at CWU, is not like it is in the movies. You aren’t getting drunk every single night, you aren’t having wild sex 24/7 and you aren’t hooking up with your professor to drop your shitty test score. I had a lot of high expectations of college and how I was gonna be this wild child, but it isn’t like that at all. We drink in the dorms, sometimes. We watch a lot of Netflix and do a lot of eyebrow touch-ups. And if we’re super lucky, Maddie and I get to pop the boys’ zits. We have a ton of fun regardless of how messed up we get. I also never sleep. We stay up until 1am or even sometimes 3am and just sit and laugh or cry about school. There are parties all the time but I just never go because I enjoy sleep a lot more than I enjoy the feeling the next morning after drinking. Yesterday, I went to Leavenworth with my family and I just kept feeling like I was missing out on so much at school even though everyone had left for the weekend. It’s a weird deal.

College experiences are different for everyone. I fell in love with college quickly and I fell in love with the lifestyle hard. I am rarely┬áhomesick. There are certain things I will miss but I know this is where I am supposed to be and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be here. A month ago, the people that I love here weren’t in my life. They were in their hometowns. Now, I can’t imagine life without them. The dorm food is foul, but it makes you appreciate a homemade meal that much more when you get one. My grandma, aunts and my stepmom brought me treats for my gigantic, uncontrollable sweet tooth and I was so so happy to get something besides what I have to get at Fred Meyer when I need something sweet. So yes, I love school and cannot wait to share more of the stories that have made me love Ellensburg.