It has been a crazy since my last post. I almost forgot to blog! Which is really surprising for me because I actually have noticed to find this whole thing very therapeutic. It almost makes me want to minor in Journalism or something. Who knows. This is what I have been up to..

Last Tuesday, I got my wisdom teeth removed. And trust me, there was nothing glamorous about that. I had an awesome Oral Surgeon and his team was awesome as well and made me feel really comfortable about my procedure since this was the first time I was having to go under. Since it takes about a full week (at least for me) to recover, I haven’t really had time to pack up for CWU. Helllllloooooo stressful. Luckily, I had awesome people taking care of me all week but I was ready to feel like myself again. I have my post-op tomorrow and I still am sore but nothing I can’t handle.

I leave for Central on Friday morning. I have so many emotions going on right now that it feels like I have 0 control over anything. And if you know me, I like being in control for most things. I hate anticipation. I always like being a couple steps ahead. So right now, it feels like I could absolutely lose my mind. Most of my things are packed and in boxes waiting to depart from home. Well, homes. I’ll get to that later. But anyway, I have cried all day yesterday and today. Honestly, I probably am going to cry all week, which I am okay with. It’s a big adjustment. I don’t like being super emotional and showing emotion so crying in front of my friends, family and the cashier at Safeway is a complete 360 for me. I am so excited to start my new adventure in Ellensburg but also so sad to leave Vancouver and Camas. I have such amazing friends and family that they are making it so hard to leave. I know I can always come back and that everyone will be here once I come home, but this is my first time away from my parents and crazy siblings. It’s hard. My parents got divorced when I was four-years-old so I don’t ever really remember having just one house. I had two homes, four parents (I lucked out and got super awesome step parents), and I got four awesome siblings out of the deal. Oh yeah, and a super cute dog that I love. My family has always been my number one priority so I feel like I am leaving them behind and it makes me feel slightly guilty. I have an awesome support system that would follow me anywhere in this world so even though this has been a really tough week, I know I will get through it. I am really trying to embrace all of this left on a positive note.

Today, after I had to say “see ya later” to Jordyn I came home and sat on my couch and was scrolling through Facebook and found this video that I really found helpful. It really opened my eyes within 15 seconds. If you have a couple minutes I encourage you watch it. To watch it copy & paste it in your search bar: It felt like a “sign” that even though I am so emo that it was like “Hey Abbie, you need to see this. It’s gonna be ok. Change is GOOD. So thank you GG for sharing it- you have no idea how much I needed that extra confidence boost.

I know this week is going to me a very memorable, emotional and exciting week. I have amazing friends, family and hometown that make it hard to leave for a few months but it is time to start a new chapter. Future college kids: it sucks. I will be brutally honest. But as every other college kid has said, it gets better. Embrace everything you can because one day you are gonna pack your childhood bedroom up, say bye to your parents and hit the highway.

So here is to my new chapter and adventure. My next blog post will take place in Ellensburg. Love you, 98682 and 98607, I will see you soon♥