College is different for everyone. There are so many different ways to fulfill a higher education. You have many options once you graduate from high school. You have constant opportunities coming your way. For some of us, we are at a university or we are getting ready to head there in just a few short weeks.

I am sure that everyone who has gone to college has told you how great college is, you meet life long friends, and that it also is the best time of your life. I am certain they told you that the parties are absolutely awesome but you also need to study. There was a lot of things that they left out while they were giving me this advice. They left out that saying “see you later” to your best friends and family suck, how expensive it is to get your dorm organized, and they probably didn’t tell you why they chose the school they did.

I had some awesome people that volunteered to help YOU know what to expect while moving away for school. We all chose schools for different reasons and all plan on doing different things so I hope all of their advice benefits you when it is time to join the adult world 🙂 Thank you again Keeli, Eric, Phillip, Brooke, Maya, Meghan and Quintin.

What was the biggest wake up call when you were getting ready to move?

Abbie: I think packing up my bedroom was the biggest wake up call. I also didn’t really realize how expensive everything was just to go away to school. Yes tuition and books are expensive, but actually getting things for you room can get spendy. I think IKEA, Target and Home Goods is where I purchased most of my things.

Keeli: How much stuff you will actually buy/need. You never think you’re going to need to buy a bowl or a new comforter set. It’s stuff you know you need in the back of your head but you never realize that you will actually need bottles of water or room decor. Plus that stuff adds up. I miss the days my parents bought all of my back to school stuff.

Phillip: I won’t have my parents right there whenever I need something or have a question about something.

Quintin: My biggest wake up call was probably dorm shopping, it was just weird buying things for a room that i’ll be soon living in.

Eric: The biggest wake up call was when i was packing up my things and thats when it actually hits you like you’re actually moving away and you wont be home for a long while.

Brooke: The biggest wakeup call for me when I was moving out was wow I’m really moving out. I realized it’s time to get everything together and to start prioritizing and to stop procrastinating from getting things done.

Maya: My biggest wake up call when I was getting ready to leave was that my life was going to move was the first time I tried packing  my suitcases. It was literally impossible to pack anything without crying. I think the thought of leaving everything really sets in when you start to empty out your childhood room.

Meghan: The biggest wake up call when I was getting ready to move was hearing my parents talk about how I will need to buy tons of stuff for my dorm. You don’t realize how much you really need until you write it down or hear it.

Why did you chose your school?

Abbie: I chose Central because it was close enough yet far away from home, I loved the campus, the small town feel and they also had a Clinical Physiology program which I wanted to be in. CWU offers the small class sizes that I need to be successful which was a huge bonus.

Keeli:  I chose Oregon State for their Kinesiology program. It’s one of the best in the nation and if I want to have a job with a professional team I need to learn from the best. I also wanted a new experience with new people while being semi close to home to my family and boyfriend.

Phillip: Location was close enough to home but far enough to be able to get away.

Quintin: I chose UW for a few reasons. UW was the closest of the schools that I was accepted to, and since proximity to home and family was important to me it worked out. UW offered me the highest amount of financial aid which to some people may not be an important part of the decision but for me it was since I had no money saved up and since I am paying for 100% of my education. I’m in love with Seattle and UW, at first I was so scared and intimidated to go from a suburban town like Vancouver to one of the biggest cities in the nation, but I know that Seattle and UW will offer me so many amazing opportunities it was impossible to not at least give it a try.

Eric: I chose WSU because it was a more realistic than going to UH when it comes to price. UH would’ve been close to twice as expensive as WSU in the end.

Brooke: I chose Lower Columbia college because it wasn’t too far away from home, but it was far enough to where I get to live on my own. And, I’m playing volleyball. I also think it was smart financially for my family.

Maya: I chose my school because I was looking for an excuse to rebel and to party. However, once I got there I realized it was the best thing for me. I absolutely love WSU. Go Cougs!!!

Meghan: I chose Central Washington University because it felt like home when I visited. The people in ellensburg are super nice! It’s a small school but it’s not too small! Also my parents used to go to CWU!

What do you think you’ll miss the most about home?

Abbie: I will definitely miss my family, friends and the familiarity. I’ve been in Vancouver/Camas area my entire life so I definitely feel like I am leaving a part of myself behind at home. I also LOVE Dutch Bros so I will definitely miss being about 10 minutes away from one.

Keeli: I think the most I’ll miss about home is my friends and how close we all were. I was only 15 min away from any of my friends and it felt like a long drive but it’s closer then 2 hours. I’m also going to miss being able to see my boyfriend whenever I wanted. He was always right across the street and now he will be right across a river and about 200 miles away. I’m also going to miss my job. I was fortunate enough to work for an amazing crew at Dutch Bros: Battle Ground and they helped me get through a really tough time where I felt alone and that I had no one. They were my support system and they’re like a family to me. It’s going to be weird not seeing them all the time.

Phillip: My parents and my siblings.

Quintin: Definitely I will miss my boyfriend, it would be so easy for me to just go to community college; it’s cheaper, it’s closer, it’s easier and i wouldn’t have to go through this incredibly sad moving process. But no single person should stop you from your pursuing your education. All I can do is hope that our love for eachother is strong enough for this huge transition in our relationship. I went from going to school and seeing him EVERYDAY, to being 2 hours away and only being able to see him maybe twice a month. A lot of people recommend not being tied down when going to College, and I agree, BUT if you think that the person you’re with is the love of your life, don’t just let that go, make it work.

Eric: The one thing I miss most about being at home is probably my family and being so close to Portland it was easy to go out and do things, its not like that here in Pullman because we are probably like a billion miles away from everything.

Brooke: I think I will miss spending time with my family. All the times I took for granted I will regret because now I won’t get as much time with them as I used to get. I will miss the home cooked meals and doing laundry for free.

Maya: I miss the rain!!! I can not tell you how many times I’ve said that phrase to my new friends and they always give me the craziest look. For real there is something about rain that always just smells like home to me and comforts me.

Meghan: Being able to have home cooked meals with my family and see my dog everyday.

What are you most excited about? What are you most nervous about?

Abbie: I feel like I am starting my life. I am really excited to see what all the hype about college. I am feel like I am starting my life which is both exciting yet nerve wracking. Lucky for me, I have a great roommate (I did random) and I have friends going to CWU as well. I am super nervous since this will be my first time away from home but luckily there is so many ways to stay connected to home. It’ll be a nice kick in the booty to grow up and see what the real world is like.

Keeli: I’m the most excited to move into my own room and meet new people. I can’t wait to experience my “firsts” like first college football game, or first college essay etc. I’ve been used to having someone hold my hand and walk me through my life and I can’t wait to start living it for myself. I’m most nervous to be on my own for the first time and to be away from my friends and family. But it’ll be good to push myself out of my comfort zone.

Phillip: I’m excited to make new friends and be on my own but I’m also nervous to be on my own.

Quintin: I am so excited for several things. I’m excited to meet new people, experience new things, and i’m excited to make Seattle my home away from home. I’m excited to have my independence, I’ve always been an independent person, but having a helicopter mom has made it extremely hard for me, I will miss my mom very much but I am excited to get my freedom, with the freedom comes more responsibility, but I feel prepared to handle it. I’m excited to decorate my dorm room!! I’ve never redone my room before I’ve had the same bed, sheets, wall color and furniture in my room for YEARS, I need a breath of fresh air and starting with a blank canvas is what I need. It’s important to make your room at college your home away from home. It’s going to be hard not to be homesick and sad, and I think having a room that you’re comfortable in (and that reminds you of home) will make the transition much smoother. I’m nervous about rooming with a person that I don’t know. Yes I’ve talked with him and have met him in person but you don’t really know a person until you have lived with him and I just hope that our personalities are a good match, because I know I can be complicated. I’m also nervous about going into a depression, I don’t handle transitional periods in life very well, I often get deep in my feels and put up my walls (which will make meeting friends very hard). But I am trying SO hard to maintain a positive state of mind in this whole process, but let me tell you, I probably have broken down more times in the last few weeks leading up to move in day then I have in the past 4 years.

Eric: I’m just excited to start my new life. I’ve done a lot of new things, I’m excited about my fraternity, I’m excited for all the events, just college life in general. I’m not really nervous about anything I just look at everything with an open mind and so everything is great.

Brooke: I’m most excited for a new start. I’m prepared to walk my own path, and I’m excited to figure out my career goals. I’m nervous things won’t workout the way I want them too.

Maya: I’m most excited about meeting new people. The people I’ve met have already changed my life a lot and taken me on some pretty crazy adventures. I’m most nervous however, about failing. Every now and then I doubt myself and whether I can stick it out to the end. I know I have for years to med school but the thought of me messing up and not getting in is always in the back of my head.

Meghan: I’m most excited about meeting new people and trying out for different clubs! But very nervous that I will embarrass myself in front of cute boys!

What has been or what was the worst part about moving? 

Abbie: Definitely the goodbyes and see ya laters. Three of my best friends moved the same weekend so that was really hard for me. I cried about moving away for a good two weeks. Since CWU starts later, I had be at home longer. Packing sucks and knowing you’re not gonna be here for a while sucks too. I’m sad that I am leaving all of this behind but definitely excited for a change.

Keeli: The worst part about getting ready to leave is saying goodbye. I cried when my friend Maya left, it’s been different without her. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to my family because I’ve lived with them everyday since I was born. They have seen me at my worst and best and supported me throughout everything. I’m dreading saying goodbye to my boyfriend. I know this is the part when people roll their eyes but Zack is the only person who isn’t family hat has been my go to, my rock, my #1 fan since freshman year. It’s going to be weird not to have him right across the street and when I could see him whenever I want. It’s going to be a tough adjustment to having to schedule visits. The best thing about it though is that everyone is supportive, they’re preparing me to be the most successful and best version of myself that I can be.

Quintin: Leaving my boyfriend and friends is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I never thought I was so emotionally attached to these people. I thought I would be okay moving only 2 hours away, but I was wrong, it’s still extremely hard for me to leave these special people in my life. But I know that I will have to at some point in my life so I guess sooner the better. ALSO, leaving my puppy behind is so hard, I got my dog on my 10th birthday, and he hasn’t left my side since. He’s older now (almost 9) and I feel so sad that I can’t be there for him in the later stages of his life. Everyday when I would go to school he would walk around the house with me while I got ready and he would sit at the door until I got home. And I just feel so sad that the day I leave for college I won’t be walking back through that door in 6 hours like he expects but more like 6 weeks. I’ve been trying to teach him how to facetime but he doesn’t quite understand he just hears my voice and gets super excited but frustrated because he can’t see me, so he runs around the house looking for me for hours, so I don’t know if that is making it any easier for him.

Eric: The worst part about moving is definitely saying goodbye. No one likes goodbyes they suck.

Brooke: The worst part about moving was saying goodbye. But, I know I will always have my biggest supporters right by my side even if I’m in college far away. I was glad I knew my family always had my back.

Maya: The worst part of moving is for sure leaving everyone behind. It’s terrible and it sucks a lot, I mean I don’t think I’ve cried so much in a while. Though it does get easier. there are moments when I wish I could move everyone I love from home to Pullman. I’ve cried a few tears after hanging up phone calls with best friends or my mom. I know everyone’s love is still there once I get back home, and that’s what pulls me through those moments.

Meghan: The worst part about moving is saying goodbye!!

I hope you all found out what we have experienced to be helpful for when it is your time to spread your wings and fly. Good luck to you all 🙂 and never forget to ask questions!

xoxo, college kids