As a teenager, I think we all think that we live in this world where we feel like we need to be perfect. We find ourselves saying these things where we want everyone to believe that we live this perfect life, which isn’t true. No one lives this “perfect” life.

I find myself always searching for something perfect. Which is all cool and stuff, but it gives us this perception that we need to be that as well, which isn’t fair. Your life will not be perfect if you have a boyfriend, life isn’t going to be perfect if you have a “perfect body,” your life will not be perfect even when you get everything you want. It’s seriously impossible. I really struggled with this idea of not feeling like I was perfect or I had this perfect life. I mean c’mon, Prince Charming driving the 2015 Jeep Wrangler that has two vacation homes and plays football for the NFL would be absolutely amazing, but it wouldn’t mean I had a perfect life even if that did happen. Even with realistic dreams that don’t work out in our favor, it sucks. Be honest, how many times have you said to yourself, “Well if this happens, it’ll be perfect!” It usually goes absolutely opposite of what we had thought of in our heads. No matter how much we strive for something to be as amazing as it is in our heads, it just doesn’t always happen they way it was planned. And that is okay! It won’t feel like it at first but it will work itself out.

There has been MULTIPLE times where I would love to post pictures of myself with like twelve double chins eating a cheeseburger, but I don’t. Why? Because “perfect girls” don’t do that. Or at least that’s what we like to think. There’s days where I ask myself if it is even worth a shower. If it isn’t, I have no problem sitting home on a 90 degree weather day watching Teen Mom OG. We like to leave out this part of who we are to social media because that’s not what these super gorgeous looking girls on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are doing. They’re posting a picture of their slaying eyebrows (which I am totally jealous of BTW), rocking their itty bitty swimsuits and everything in between but they don’t always look like that. That is all they are allowing people to believe what their life is.

In my earlier teenage years, I found myself always thinking that I needed to be completed by a boy. Ding dong Abigail, you are SO wrong. A boy does not complete you. A boy should compliment you. A lot of my best friends have dated throughout our high school years but I was always the single friend. Which honestly, it kinda sucked. But I have had so much time to think about who I am, who I want to be and what I want for the world instead of focusing on a stupid boy who will probably break my heart in the end. I thought my life would be perfect if I had a boyfriend but when it comes down to it, it won’t be. My life is great. I don’t have a boyfriend. I have great friends, family and people who care about me that make me a better person every single day. I am getting ready to start a big chapter of my life in three short weeks. A silly boy didn’t get me here. I got myself here along with a great support system.

Just remember that your life isn’t as pretty as the Instagram picture. If it is, that is totally awesome for you. I will be here writing about how crazy my life can be in the meantime. Your life will suck at times, life will be great at times too. Remember who you are and how funny you are and take on the world from there. Perfectionism is BS and it is 110% okay to not be perfect.